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Finally get to try 4Fingers Fried Chicken today cos there’s only 9 pax in the queue at Westgate branch today at 6.39pm

Being 10th in the queue, it took me 17mins to reach the counter. An average of more than 1.5mins/customer. After paying for my order, it took me freaking 30mins to get my hands on the food! That’s a total of 47 mins! 😰😰

Food taste? Kimchi Fries - issit supposed to be spicy? Cos I don’t feel it at all. Even my nephew who don’t take spicy food doesn’t feel a thing.

Chicken in Soy Garlic tasted ok. Chicken is Hot sauce (oh wait, did they mention HOT?) is not even spicy lah.. The only thing good about it is probably the crispy skin & tenderness of chicken.

Battered Shrimp & Calamari in Soy Garlic is terribly salty it taste like it’s being deep fried & then dip in a pot of salt 😲😲😲 (at 4fingers at Westgate)

Wahahaha…. Nizam sent me via our group chat this photo of me taken 23 years ago taken on a Christmas Eve at McDonald’s Far East Plaza! Not much changes on the face/look, except that the size is probably half of what I am today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Dr Martins is the most reliable boots during my McDonald’a Days! Btw, it was Christmas Eve, so boss allows us in wearing own bottoms instead of usual uniform.

#Throwback #23YearsAgo #ChristmasEve #McDonalds #McDonaldsFarEastPlaza #DrMartins #Boots #DrMartinsBoots #WearYourOwnBottomsu #Retro #FarEastPlaza #MyMcDonaldsLife #ThoseWereTheDays (at McDonald’s Far East Plaza)

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